"Taking the datajack cable from under the dash, I plug it into the jack under my ear. Then I sit back as the virtual display blossoms before my eyes. Dizziness hits me for a split second; then my mind adjusts to the blizzard of input from the view screens and sensors that are arrayed before me. The screens show views from every angle as well as numerous data displays - from the amount of fuel in my 'copter's tank to the infrared displays of the people here at the landing pad. As the datafeed pours into my brain, I'm no longer just the human named Zagger. Instead I'm now my Machine. I AM the Yellowjacket helicopter. I AM A RIGGER!

Rigger 2 overhauls and expands on the rules for riggers in Shadowrun. From creating a Rigger character to down-and-dirty vehicle combat to electronic warfare, this book offers clear concise rules for practically every aspect of playing a Rigger or dealing with rigger's vehicles and drones. Also included are the rules for robotics, vehicle construction and modification, using security riggers in your game and a comprehensive list of every vehicle in Shadowrun Products published to date.

Rigger 2 replaces the Rigger Black Book.

For use with Shadowrun Second Edition.

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