Writing Edit

  • Raymond Croteau
  • Jason M. Hardy
  • James Meiers
  • O.C. Presley
  • Scott Schletz
  • R.J. Thomas
  • Malik Toms
  • Thomas Willoughby
  • CZ Wright
  • Russell Zimmerman

Editing Edit

  • Corwin Zahn

Proofing Edit

  • Bruce Ford
  • Mason Hart
  • Robert Price
  • Jeremy Weyand

Cover Art Edit

  • Mark Molnar

Interior Art Edit

  • Daniel Comerci
  • Marc Sintes Guardia
  • Celeste Hansen
  • Jeff Laubenstein
  • David Lecossu
  • Dan Masso
  • Seth Rutledge
  • Erich Schreiner
  • Andreas “AAS” Schroth
  • Takashi Tan

Shadowrun Line Developer Edit

  • Jason M. Hardy

Graphic Design/Production Edit

  • Matt “Where’s My Coffee?” Heerdt

Art Direction Edit

  • Brent Evans

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