• Shadowrun Concept: Jordan Weisman, Bob Charrette, Paul Hume, Tom Dowd, L. Ross Babcock III, Sam Lewis, Dave Wylie
  • First Edition Design: Bob Charrette, Paul Hume, Tom Dowd
  • Development and Design SRII: Tom Dowd
  • Plus ca change: Paul Hume
  • Additional Material: Bob Charrette, Paul Hume, Nigel Findley, Phillip McGregor, Karl Wu
  • Proofreading FASA: Donna Ippolito, Sharon Tumer Mulvihill, Diane Piron
  • Art Director: Jeff Laubenstein, Projektmanager, Joel Biske, Jeff Laubenstein
  • Cover Art: Larry Elmore
  • Cover Design: Joel Biske, Jeff Laubenstein
  • Shadowrun Logo: Jeff Laubenstein, Jim Nelson, Dana Knutson
  • Color Illustration: Jeff Laubenstein, Joel Biske, Jim Nelson, Janet Aulisio
  • B&W lllustration: Jeff Laubenstein, Joel Biske, Jim Nelson, Dana Knutson, Janet Aulisio, Tim Bradstreet, Mike Nielsen, Earl Geier, Dan Dmith, Steve Venters, Duane Loose
  • Maps and Diagramms: Joel Biske
  • Interrior Design: Jeff Laubenstein, Joel Biske, Tara Gallagher
  • Layout: Tara Gallagher
  • Marquette: Emie Hemandez

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