It's not even a nice place to visit.

Built from a thousand kilometers of flesh and steel, it writhes in the passions of those who live in it. Everyone and everything is connected here: there are no accidents. Take a walk down any street and read the writing on the wall:

"Welcome to the Sprawl, chummer. Too bad you could make it."

Sprawl Sites is a sourcebook for Shadowrun™, and includes hundreds of encounters of every type, from blood-crazed gangs and mystic magicians to mild-mannered Orks and back-stabbing Corporate Cops. Plus, you'll find Location Archetypes covering typical Sprawl Locations from all sides of town, eight new Player Archetypes, and dozens of Non-Player Contacts. Round that out with additional essays and rules concerning sprawl law and credsticks, and you've got a whole new adventure on your hands. Your Shadowrun™ campaign will never be the same.

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