Writing: Peter M. Andrew, Jr., Mark Dynna, Jason M. Hardy, Adam Large, Philip A. Lee, Scott Schletz, R.J. Thomas, Malik Toms, Michael Wich, and Jason Andrew
Editing: Kevin Killiany, Philip A. Lee
Art Direction: Brent Evans
Cover Art: Victor Manuel Leza Moreno
Cover Layout: Matt Heerdt
Iconography: Nigel Sade
Interior Art: Gordon Bennetto, Joel Biske, Echo Chernik, Daniel Comerci, Victor Perez Corbella, Peter Dora, Homeros Gilani, David Hovey, Igor Kieryluk, Miklós Ligeti, Melanie Maier, Victor Manuel Leza Moreno, Alessandra Pissano, Mark Poole, Michael Rookard, Rob Ruffolo, Andreas "AAS" Schroth, Bryan Syme, Christophe Swal, and Damon Westenhofer
Interior Layout: Matt "Wrath" Heerdt
Shadowrun Line Developer: Jason M. Hardy
Playtesting & Proofing: Jackson Bruntsing, Derek Dokter, Mike Gearman, Tim Gray, Lars Wagner Hansen, Mason Hart, Pete Houtekier, Kendall Jung, Matt Riley, Leland Zavadil

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