Some people want to study it, some want to outlaw it, some drekheads even pretend it doesen't exist, but the genie's been out of the bottle since the day in 2011 when the first newborn magician in our world made the magic happen." - Monkeytribe: Survival Manual for Erect Bipeds. Mullins Chadwick, Putnam-Izumo, New York, 2041

The GRIMOIRE is an expansion of the magic rules for SHADOWRUN. It includes material for designing spells, using and forming magical groups, and the enchanting of items. the GRIMOIRE covers initiates, insect totems and toxic shamans, adventuring on the metaplanes, free spirits, magical adepts, alchemy, the creation of specialized types of shamans and mages, and presents a complete section on new spells as well as expansion of old ones.

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