• JackPoint
  • Layers
  • The Land of Promise
    • Tír Tairngire Basics
    • Getting in Tír Tairngire
    • Exploring Tír Tairngire
    • A Unique Nation
    • The Peace Force
    • Visiting Tír Tairngire
  • Game Information
    • Plot Hooks
  • Charakter Trove
    • Tír Peace Force (Police Patrol)
    • Tír Peace Force (Constabulary Division)
    • Paladins of the Great Hunt
    • Combat Hermetic of the Great Hunt
    • Generic Sons of Gimli Gang Member
    • Generic Dog Soldiers Gang Member
    • Generic Shooters Gang Member
    • Generic Span Gang Member
    • Generic Souldrinkers Gang Member
    • Ancients Thug
    • New Spell: Manipulation Body Glove
    • Magical Society: The Moonlight Thorns

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