• Writing:
    • Neo-Anarchist Babble: Sam Lewis
    • California Free State and San Francisco: Anthony Pryor
    • Confederate American States and Dallas / Fort Worth: Stevie McBride
    • Additional Material: Richard Garret Molpus
    • Atlanta: Stephan Wieck
    • Quebec and Quebec City: Nigel D. Findley
    • United Canadian and American States and Washington, F. D. C.: Paul R. Hume
    • Chicago: Christopher Kubasik
    • Manhattan: Tom Dowd
  • Development: Tom Dowd
  • Editorial Staff:
    • Senior Editor: Donna Ippolito
    • Assistant Editor: Sharon Turner Mulvihill
  • Production Staff:
    • Art Director: Dana Knutson
    • Cover Design: Joel Biske
    • Cover Graphic: David McCoy
    • Illustration: Jim Nelson Jeff Laubenstein, Joel Biske, Chuck Harris, Earl Geier, Rick Harris
    • Maps: Joel Biske
    • Layout: Tara Gallagher

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