A New Strain of Vampire

In the violence-ridden city of Seattle, a secret conspiracy arises to spread a plague of vampirism. They now prowl the night, but plan to take their nightmare into the light of day. Soon no one will be safe....

Warren Storey has vanished without a trace. His girlfriend is then convinced by famous vampire-hunter Martin de Vries that Warren's life - and even all of metahumanity - is in danger. With a group of seasoned Shadowrunners at their side, the battle is taken to a secret laboratory where they uncover comething much more terrifying than a simple kidmapping. An experiment run by Dr. Oslo Wake has created generically altered living dead - infected metahumans who are not just vampires, but something much more deadly... something that doesn't have to live only in the night.

But the experiment isn't perfected. The next test subject is Warren. And time is running out....

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