Without these, I'd be nothing but a dirtbag—a freaking shadowrunner. Honor and respect—these set members of the "Family" apart from the scum who want what's rightfully ours. The smuggling operations, the protection rackets, the casinos and brothels ... our ancestors spilled their blood to build these empires. And I'll spill mine to keep the Family strong. Weakness is not an option. It dishonors the Family. Anybody dishonors the Family, he pays his life.

Anyone who doesn't show us respect, or tries to take what we own, we send them a message. First we hurt them, then we hurt their business, their friends and their family. And if that doesn't work ... we kill them.

The Underworld Sourcebook describes in detail the "Big Four" international crime syndicates: the Mafia, the Yakuza, the Triads and the Seoulpa Rings. Each syndicate's markets, business practices, traditions, histories and secret rituals are revealed, along with loads of information on gangs, terrorists, assassins and other groups who rule the shadows through no law but their own. The Underworld Sourcebook includes guidelines for building campaigns around organized crime and customizing them for local settings, and alternate campaign rules that allow players to play members of organized crime syndicates. It provides a wealth of adventure hooks, story starters, background information and rules for use in any Shadowrun campaign. For use with Shadowrun and the Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows.

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