• Writing: Lars Blumenstein, Rob Boyle, Robert Derie, Jennifer Harding, Martin Janssen, Ralf Koehler, Jay Levine, Moritz Lohmann, Sascha Müller, Aaron Pavao
  • Editing: Rob Boyle, Andrew Hackard, Jason Hardy, Robyn King-Nitschke, Michelle Lyons
  • Developement: Rob Boyle, Peter Taylor
  • Art Direction: Randall Bills
  • Cover Artwork: Klaus Scherwinski
  • Cover Artwork (Second Version): Arndt Drechsler
  • Illustration: Mariusz Gandzel, Philip Hilliker, Régis Moulun, Chad Sergesketter, Tony Shasteen, Eric Williams
  • Layout: Jason Vargas
  • Inspiration: Tonikom and 100blumen (dev-editing music), 2600 magazine, Security-Guru Bruce Schneier, Haxploitation Movies
  • Shout-Outs: All those people, that contributed to the previous Shadowrun Matrix books: "Virtual Realities", "Virtual Realities 2.0", "Matrix", "Target: Matrix", "Renraku Arcology: Shutdown", "Brainscan", "Threats 2", und "System Failure". Also thanks to Mikael Brodu, Masaaki Mutsuki, Adam Jury, Olivier Thieffine, Stephan Wodkowski, Tobias Wolter, and all Playtesters for Ideas and/or Feedback.
  • Playtesters: Natalie Aked, Rob Aked, Sarah Baker, Tony Bruno, Chuck Burhanna, Steven A. Carroll, Jean-Marc Comeau, Andrew Coen, Joanna Craven, Marc Dagenais, Benjamin Davenport, Craig Engle, Rachel Engle, Cullen Erbacher, Doug Fleming, Eric Fleming, Bruce Ford, Eugen Fournes, Jason Freese, Nick Garden, Kendall Jung, Jason Keats, James O’Laughlin, David Lundquest, Chris Maxfield, Greg Nielsen, Aaron Pavao, Bryan Pow, Lyall Pow, Richard Riessen, Grant Robinson, Jonathon Staite, Eva Schiffer, Doug Smith, Pat Smith, Steve Smith, Mark Somers, Adam Taliscka, Lee Thoms, Tom Tuckerman, John Unchelenko, Luc Villeneuve, Jeremy Weyand, Mark Young, Leland Zavadil & Michael Zenke

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