Virtual Realities 2.0
Source cover en Virtual Realities 2 0

Virtual Realities 2.0 is a sourcebook for Shadowrun.

Product summaryEdit

"There I was, standing next to Joe on the corner, when outta nowhere comes this overgrown troll riding the hugest Harley Scorpion I've ever seen, blastin' away from all three firmpoints. What really scared teh bejeezus outta me were his arms - coupla big chainsaws, buzzin' away like a hundred million wasps. He rode right up and sliced through Joe like a hot knife though butter! Joe flickered a bit, his face contorting into a pirmal scream, and disappeared. I hotfooted it back to the squat with the words, "Buy Mitsuhama" running through my brain - don't ask me why, "Then Joe's brother unhooked us from the Matrix...


Virtual Realities 2.0 offers a complete overhaul of all the rules for running Shadowrun's worldwide computer network, the Matrix. New rules provide a faster-playing version of decking through the Net, update Shadowrun technology, and offer new equipment and equipment rules. This sourcebook also includes rules for playing otaku, the mysterious technoshamans who seem to live in the Matrix, and offers the most current information about Matrix law and artificial intellidences.

Virtual Realities 2.0 replaces the Virtual Realities sourcebook. For use with Shadowrun, Second Edition.



  • French: Réalités Virtuelles 2.0
  • German: Virtual Realities 2.01D

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