Writing: David Hill, Aaron Pavao, Michael Wich, Filamena Young

Editing: Jason M. Hardy

Development: John Dunn, Jason M. Hardy

Art Direction: Brent Evans

Interior Layout: Matt Heerdt

Cover Art: Echo Chernik

Cover Layout: Matt Heerdt

Illustration: Andreas "AAS" Schroth, Alayna Lemmer, Alessandra Pisano, Anna Christenson, Arndt Drechsler, Chad Sergesketter, Chris Lewis, Christopher Wilhelm, Dean Spencer, Ed Cox, Eric Williams, Ian King, Jason Banditt Adams, Jason Juta, Jeff Laubenstein, John A. Schmidt, John Stanko, Mark Molnar, Mark Winters, Peter Tikos, Robert Tritthardt, Veronica V. Jones, Victor Perez Corbella

Playtesters: Joe Monfre, Mac Mayfield, Greg Graff, Terry Fox, Jode Torske, Jason Waugaman, Michael Wich, Rob Oliver, Siin Crawford, Michael Hoover, Jean-Marc Comeau, Jason Keats, Luc Villeneuve, Marc Dagenais, Dominique Dufour, Grant Robinson, Bryan Pow, Richard Riessen, Kendall Jung, Jason Freese, Leland Zavadil, TJ Howell, Rich "Bruno" Ingram, Chris Hayes, Ilya Medvedev, Dan Dunchack

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