• Original Concept: Rob Boyle, Dan "Flake" Grendell, Steve Kenson, Michael Mulvihill, Steve "Bull" Ratkovich, Brian Schoner
  • Authors: Rob Boyle, Elissa Carey, Drew Curtis, Greg Davidson, Andy Frades, Patrick Goodman, Martin Gotthard, Dan "Flake" Grendell, Eleanor Holmes, Jason Levine, Michelle Lyons, Ray Macey, Michael Mulvihill, Steve "Bull" Ratkovich, Rich Tomaso, Jakko Westerbekke, Shane Winzar
  • Product Development: Rob Boyle & Michael Mulvhill
  • Editing: Rob Boyle
  • Cover Art: Matt Wilson
  • Illustration: Jim Nelson, Matt Plog, Steve Prescott & Shane White

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