Spider is a totem. It is regarded as a bit obscure by most metahumans. There was an incident in the early 2050s, freeing "Spider" from a magical prison under the Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) in Australia, which was accidentally created by a shadowrunner named Samuel Verner aka "Twist". In the consequences this led to a race around the world to localise various stashed, forgotten nukes, "Spider" showed an unusual interest for.[1]


Spider is - at its best - a total control freak. Spider shamans are cold, manipulating and merciless, and they are - mostly - dedicated bug hunters, who go any length to track down and kill insect spirits.


The Redmond based gang in Seattle called "The Spiders" is completely dedicated to the Spider totem, even the un-awakened gangers.[2]

A lot of the West African tribal shamans follow the totem spider, which they call "Aszazi".[3]


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