The Spikes are an all-troll go-gang led by the infamous elf hater Lord Torgo. They often clash with the Ancients.

Their colors are black, dark brown and red, and they've started founding chapters in other cities, much as the Ancients and the Cutters have, in order to overtake the Ancients as Seattle's largest go-gang.

Their turf is in Tacoma, especially the southern part of Interstate 5 (Tacoma-Fort Lewis area), where the go-gang targets Tir Tairngire traffic using "Mongolian" tactics of attacking as a riding horde, full speed ahead, from their motorcycles.

After Lord Torgo was imprisoned for murder, his continuous leadership was challenged by other gang members, who were more interested in making nuyen then killing elves. While the gang leader was put in an isolation cell and finally died there, a minotaur with purple coloured fur took over leadership of the gang. This new gang leader calls himself BTO, a short form for "Babe the ox".


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