A street samurai (also street sam, sammie, or razor boy/girl) is an archetypal shadowrunner who specializes in physical combat. They are often heavily augmented with cyberware and/or bioware to enhance their combat prowess and carry a variety of weapons to deal with any threat their groups encounter. Because of their reliance on some form of the -ware, they are distinguished from the rarer magic wielding close combat runners, who are known as (physical) adepts.

Street samurai often come from military, paramilitary, or corporate security backgrounds, but a street gang's culture of violence breeds street samurai of its own. Any situation that involves violence or overcoming physical defenses, such as assassination or sabotage, greatly benefits from a street samurai's presence, though they are not known for subtlety.

Street samurai are rarely social creatures. Their role as muscle leaves little room for social development. Their heavy augmentation causes others to experience an uncanny valley effect when interacting with them. They often adopt codes of honor, from simply not killing bystanders to more complex codes like bushido, as a way of holding on to the humanity that they are gradually exchanging for cyberware or bioware.

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