General Guidelines Edit

Generally, the title of the page should be bolded at the beginning of the Article using HTML tags or three apostrophes in a row. An example would be the Thor shot article. Paragraphs with different subjects should be grouped in separate categories. Try to link any mention of specific events or years. There should be a References category with a bulleted list of canon references. Page numbers would be appreciated along with a reason for listing the reference (although this can get too tricky at times). Some subjects should probably have separate articles from their mother subject (like native languages), and they could be listed in a Related Articles section (for example, Sperethiel and Elves) for reference. An External Link category to a Wikipedia article or other website is always appreciated.

And for Ghost's sake, don't cut-and-paste things out of the books or anyone else's website!

Also, I just learned that two dashes followed by four tildes produces a time/date signature for discussion purposes. That is immensely helpful. *grin*

Canon vs. UnofficialSubmitted Pages Edit

The guideline I'm trying to enforce (and I know I haven't done it too well myself) is that if there's a Kyoto (unofficial) page, there should also be a Kyoto page. Pages should link to the main Kyoto page and not the (unofficial) entry when possible, so that people see the canon version, unless they are interdependent (unofficial) entries. The canon version should have links to the (unofficial) versions.

Geopolitical World Guidelines Edit

Currently, the only guidelines under construction are the Category:Countries' Countries Style Guidelines, Corporations Style Guidelines, and Sourcebook Guideline

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