In the adventure "Survival of the Fittest" (Fanpro 10665) Ghostwalker is referred to as Doll-Maker. In Earthdawn Doll-Maker was the Great Dragon Icewing (Dragons sourcebook). Icewing is the brother of Mountainshadow, known as Dunkelzahn in the Sixth World (which can be proven by the fact that Mountainshadow and Dunkelzahn are both referred to as Far-Scholar). So I think Ghostwalker is Dunkelzahn's brother. But since I'm a new around here I don't know whether you regard Earthdawn sources as canon. I thought it might be better to put this up for discussion before I change anything.

It worth mentioning. Here's a good source on the matters of dragons in the sixth and the fourth world, which confirm what you said: (The Laughing Man)

Yes, both Dunkie et Ghosty were infants to All-Wings. I'm not sure this is relevant to this wiki however, it depend on the amount of this kind of secrets it needs, and it came from ED and not SR sources.

Well, I assume the SR/ED background will be used in future immortals/dragons plotlines. Even if they diverge from it in a future publication, we can still change it. For now we know that Ghostwalker and Dunkelzahn are supposed to be brothers. --- Loki

Drake Brothers Edit

I'm sure it is possible, even probable that Ghostwalker and Dunk. were related or atleast peers. I say this basised on how the other Great Dragons paid him respect upon his arrival. Like one would for the passing of a relative. Not to mention the apparrent "good" relationship between him and the Draco Foundation. But I also like to take this opportunity to point out that at the approx. time of Ghostwalker arrival, the appereance of Halley's Comment, all co enside with some pretty locco stuff on the Mayan Calandar. Not to mention all the events that followed. What does this late arrival know about the potential addverse effects of a spike in Mana mean for MetaHumanity? And WHY the Frontal assualt and eviction from the Devner area of the Azzies?

Inquiring Mind Wanna Know Omea!


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