Coordinates 46°52' N, 122°24' W
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Tarislar (spth. Remembrance) is an Elven neighborhood in the Puyallup Barrens in Seattle Metroplex.

Tarislar is Sperethiel for “Remembrance,” It's by the southern part of the Puyallup district, lying between Silver Lake and Harts Lake and houses most of Puyallup’s elf population. Tarislar began when elves fled during the Night of Rage, becoming ever more distrustful of the humans that forced them on the run. As such, outsiders will not find a warm welcome there. Once a dead end for elves fleeing towards Tir Tairngire, now it is home to as many refugees from the Tir.

Tarislar has an arrangement with Knight Errant for additional security, paying well to make sure Tarislar receives an effective "A" security rating.

The Laésa, mafia/gang began among Tir Tairngire exiles in Tarislar.

Daisy Chain is a Tarislar nightclub popular with Celto-goths, Laesa, and the Ancients gang. It lies on the edge of the elven ghetto.

The Deireadh An Tuarthell is a small, understaffed medical center, specializing in serving the elven population of Tarislar. They practice as much herbal, magical, and folk-medicine as they do normal medical practice.