Vital StatisticsEdit

Taylorville, Illinois, UCAS (as of 2070)
Population: 53,003
Humans: 99%
Elves: <1%
Dwarves: 1%
Orks: <1%
Trolls: <1%
Other: <1%
Size: {{{size}}}
Population Density: 409/km2
Per Capita Income: 29,710¥
Below Poverty Level: 2%
On Fortune's Active Traders List: 3%
Corporate-Affiliated: 99%
Felonious Crime Rate: 6 per 1,000 per annum
Less Than 12 Years: {{{ed_less12}}}
High School Equivalency: 1%
College Degrees: 72%
Advanced Degrees: 27%
Hospitals: 1
Local Telecomm Grid Access No: Regional Telecomm Grid Access: NA/UCAS-MW/IL-CE/TAY

After the Crash of 2029, Taylorville Township (which had grown to encompass nearby struggling towns) and the city of Taylorville merged after facing severe economic troubles of their own. The Crash nearly destroyed the region. Taylorville fell in line with some of the surrounding townships when Springfield issued an edict to revitalize the region. The direction was to become a Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area whereas the entire region would be stronger facing the new difficulties of The Awakening together than alone.

All this is well and good in theory. In practice, however, it's a little more difficult. In 2041, several freak tornadoes tore through Decatur, decimating that part of the CMSA. Did the region help? No. The damage was too much for it to bear. The help came in the relocation of many Decatur residents to Springfield and Taylorville. Springfield could handle it, Taylorville proved a bit more challenging. It's area swelled from 26 square kilometers to 335 square kilometers, and its population surged from 11,000 to just over 50,000! Such rapid and instant growth could easily throw any local small town economy into a tail spin, but not so in this little hamlet in the middle of the soy bean and corn fields. The agricultural megacorporations came to the rescue ... if you can call it that. In order of dominance, the following agricorps call the shots in this quaint little corner of Americana: Shiawase, Aztechnology, Evo, Renraku, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, and Wuxing. Notice something? If you guess it, you will 10¥ free! You got it! None of them are American! So, putting two and two together, all that Americana drek you see in the frosted window sills at Christmas time and Thanksgiving, and Union Day is all ... pun intended ... window dressing. Behind this illusion, foreign megacorps (mostly from Japan) rule here.

The UCAS hasn't abandoned Central Illinois, however, Ares Macrotechnologies owns the Taylorville Industrial Park. The Taylorville Industrial Development Corporation Industrial Park Complex consists of 232 acres located at the southwest edge of Taylorville. Saeder-Krupp Prime also owns several industrial sites in the area and employs about 700 people, mostly dwarves.

Taylorville is a mostly Human corporate town of upper managers and their families ... about 52,400 Humans call Taylorville home. Taylorville qualifies as a Luxury Enclave (AAA Security rating by Lone Star, Knight-Errant, and other major Law Enforcement Companies). There are about 140 Elves, 325 Dwarves, and 105 Orks and Trolls who also make their home in Taylorville. Less than 500 people in the town are magically active to some degree, so Wage Mage work pays very well.

Getting There
Taylorville's central UCAS location offers business the benefits of lower transportation costs and shorter drive times to the majority of the nation’s population. Ideally located within a day’s drive of the Midwestern Sprawls of Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis, Taylorville is in the center of the nation’s transportation system.

Three state highways - Illinois 29, 48, 104 - serve the community of Taylorville. Interstate Highways 55 and 72 make for easy north-south and east-west travel and are located within 40 kilometers, or 3 klicks, of Taylorville. lllinois Route 29 directly connects Taylorville with the state capital – Springfield.

The city of Taylorville operates its own private airport. Nearby, Decatur and Springfield each house commercial airports that feature four commercial and eight corporate airlines, offering at least 32 commercial air flights daily. Decatur is used mostly by the Illinois State National Guard and the UCAS Army. Springfield is more civilian.

Christian County communities are served by the Springfield Metro Area Rapid Transit Mag-lev lines. There are two: the Decatur-Morrisonville Line and the Springfield-Pana Line. Both make a loop around Taylorville with stops at the Taylorville Industrial Park, Shumway-Sherman, Pawnee-Powell, Main Coross-Long, Park St, Esther-McAdam, and Glenhill as you leave Taylorville to Decatur. From Pana to Springfield, the stops are: Park-Lakeshore, Park-Jaycee, Sandy Duncan-St. Vincents, Hawley-Springfield, Northern Ave-Springfield, Grant, E 1600, E 1700, Sharpsburg, Edinburg, and E 2300 as you head NW out of Taylorville. Amtrak, Inc. will take you to any of the surrounding urban sprawls from Union Station located at Market and Main. Union Station in Taylorville is a small underground venue with two shops when the good little corporate sararimen can purchase anything their squeeky clean corporate hearts desire; a Stuffer Shack selling the tastiest pasteries, lattes and energy drinks; and several automated ticketing AR spots. Open up your PAN from your Commlink to purchase a Single Ride, Weekly Pass, or Monthly Pass. Above Union Station, there is the Town Square Museum, a national landmark.

There's not much to speak of here in terms of crime. Taylorville does have a lot of Night Clubs and bars, mostly along Park Street strip. There is one gang of note here, called Our Gang. They apparently are some darker, criminal version of some ancient pre-sim B/W flick. They even go by Steet Names similar to those of said show: Alfalfa, Steimie, Darla, Buckwheat, Spanky, and Froggy. They seem to cross the line between tsreet gang and go-gang, cruising in their Rapiers and causing trouble. They're small time, but with the Yakuza holding sway here and at odds with the local Human Supremacists networks, how long will that last? Our Gang HQ seems to be the Angelo's Pizza restaurant, but they have also been seen cruising Highway 29 between Springfield and Taylorville; of Highway 48 between Taylorville and Decatur. Recently, they have been seen more frequently on Highway 48. Word has it, they deal in prostitution, run protection rackets, and provide the jaded rich of this town with the BTL and 2XS fix the yjust can't seem to get enough of. None are magically active, but they are cybered...mostly for hacking vehicles and the Matrix, but a few also have some nast combat cyber, so don't underestimate!

Major Employers
Here is a list of local companies and their parent Megacorporations. I have also included a "chain of command," so to speak, in case you Shadowrunner types get lost along the electron trail:
Ahlstrom Engine Filtration (High Quality Filter Paper)--Mitsuhama Industrial Technologies—Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
ATY Building Systems, Inc. (Design & Manufacturing, Pre-engineered Buildings)--Barytech—Saeder-Krupp
Watson Foods (Food Additives)--Soba Foods—Wuxing
Sta-Care (Countertop Production)--Xiao Technologies—Evo Corporation
Botkin Lumber Co. (Custom Crates)--Arboritech—Shiawase Corp
Spartech Plastics (Extrusion Plastics)--Saurer-Rieter—Saeder-Krupp
PBI (Concrete Production)--Kuroyama Minerals—Shiawase Corp
Illini Metals (Metal Fabrication)--Takai Development Corporation—Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Macon Metals Products Co. (Metal Fabrication)--Mitsuhama-Benguet Mining—Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Meadow Brook Meat Company (MBM) (Food Distribution)--Shiawase Health & Welfare—Shiawase Corp
Waste Management (Landfill Disposal)--Eta Engineering
Archer Daniels Midland (Grain Processing)--Festival Foods—Renraku Computer Systems
Consolidated Communications (Back Office)--Ares Global Commsat—Ares Macrotechnologies
Marketing Alternatives, Inc. (Service Center)--Amalgamated Technologies and telecommunications—Saeder-Krupp
Monsanto (Research & Production)--Tsurgura International—Yamatetsu Corp
Service Advantage (Service Center, Back Office)--Imperial Tech Services—Shiawase Corp
St. Vincent's Memorial Hospital—Shiawase Biotech—Shiawase Corp

Taylorville City Services
Fire: Franklin Associates
GridGuide: Ares Global Commsat
Healthcare: Shiawase Health and Welfare
Matrix Services: Ares Matrix Technologies
Police: Knight-Errant
Power: Shiawase Atomics
Public Works: Shiawase Envirotech
Sanitation: Automation Systems, Inc.

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