Technocritters – also known as technoanimals, e-critters, or digimon – are emergent animals. They are often urban dwelling animals that have found ways to interact with the Matrix to make survival easier. Their interactions with the Matrix are based on instinct and requires trial and error for them to learn how to exploit Matrix security.

They possess no physical tells of being different from any other mundane animal. They often have slightly higher mental attributes showing their higher level of awareness from interacting with the Matrix.

Technocritters are able to perceive and interacte both with the real world and the Matrix at the same time. On top of that they've also shown the ability to feed off of Matrix icons and mysteriously are able to be nourished by eating the virtual icons. [1]

A running list of known technocrittersEdit

  • Ahi (e-snakes, Technoserpentes) – Snakes
  • Bastet (e-Cats, Technofelidae) – Cats
  • Digit (e-Insects, Technoinsecta) – Insects (roaches, flies, wasps, ants etc.)
  • Flipper (e-Dolphins, Technodelphinidae) – Dolphins
  • Libertine (e-Raccoons, Technoprocyonidae) – Raccons
  • Mongrel (e-Dogs, Technocanidae) – Dogs
  • Nezumi (E-Rats, Technomuridae) – Rats and Mice
  • Rapscallion (e-Ferret, Technomustelidae) – Mustelidae (ferrets, weasels, otters, etc.)
  • Rook (e-Crows, Technocorvidae) – Birds (crows, ravens, jackdaws, magpies, etc.)
  • Furfur – Deer (reindeer, elk, moose)


Clockwork is looking to acquire a mongrel so that he can hunt Technomancers.


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