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Creature comforts abound at Flamingo Las Vegas. Comfortable accommodations and top-notch amenities await guests at this classic Las Vegas landmark. The hotel plays host to a 15-acre wildlife habitat with macaws, Chilean flamingos, swans, cockatoos, water turtles, and African penguins.

With its 77,000-sq.-ft. casino and a pool spanning 15 acres, the Flamingo is still making history in Sin City.

»In case you haven't already guessed, the Flamingo Casino/Hotel is the headquarters of the Flamingo Casino Group. Thus, it is the headquarters for all of the Verontesse family's casino interests. This is the 'hub' of the Sin City Underworld on the Strip, make no mistake about it.«
— Family Guy (8:23:41/4-3-52)

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