The Fourth World, also known as the Age of Legend, was the previous cycle of magic before The Sixth World. The game Earthdawn takes place in the Fourth World. When the Fourth World began is unknown, though the average length of a World is 5,200 years. The Fourth World ended when magic diminished, and the island of Thera, enshrined in myth as Atlantis, sank into the ocean on August 12, 3113 BC, beginning the Fifth World. Some immortal denizens of the Fourth World have lived to see the Sixth World.

Ehran the Scribe puts the era of the Fourth World as 8238 BC to 3113 BC.

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The Drake from the SNES game (the final boss and reason Jake got Amnesia, almost died and was involved in all of this) has no name and does not have any sort of explanation or reference in Shadowrun Returns or Dragonfall. He was only known as "Drake" and didn't have a special name, or a specific allegiance or specification as a Great Dragon. Even not being developed, Drake was probably a Great Dragon, because of his power, his influence, his knowledge of magical beings as the Jester, and the fact that he was the owner of one of the biggest companies in 2050. He states in the post-credits of the game state he and Jake would meet again in "Shadowrun 2", but there was no sequel.

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