> 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South

> Luxury Hotel, Casino, Nightclub / No racial bias /

> LTG# 7777 (27-6667)

> Owner: Maria Maldinato

> Affiliated with the Wynne Conglomerate

The Mirage is a casino and entertainment hotel in Las Vegas, PCC (former Ute Nation), which is affiliated with the Wynne Conglomerate.


The Mirage’s claim to fame is a volcano which erupts every 15 minutes. It also houses 5 restaurants, a spa, a salon, a waterfall strewn pool, an indoor rainforest, shops, 3049 rooms, and empty cases and aquariums which used to house dolphins, sharks and paratigers. The top five floors are penthouses, accessible only by private elevators. The casino is a bit brighter than others. Minimum bet is generally 5¥, but some 2¥ blackjack tables exist.