The Spikes (former Spiked Wheelz) are the second largest go-gang in Seattle.

Turf: Edit

Their turf is Tacoma, I-5 south of Downtown

Colors: Edit

Their Colors are Brown and Gold.

Membership: Edit

The Spikes are an all-troll go-gang.

History: Edit

The Spikes fought an ongoing war with the Ancients for the top spot for years, so long that their tag was an elf ’s severed head with a spike through it. Their leader, a psychotic troll who called himself Lord Torgo, hated elves obsessively. But times and things change; Torgo died in prison last year, and the Spikes have tired of endlessly losing to the Ancients. They haven’t so much made peace as decided to focus on other things, including making some cred to take care of those fancy bikes and to party when they’re not bashing heads in (although with the Spikes that’s often the same thing). Where the Ancients are fiercely independent and arrogant as only elves can be, the Spikes are eager to work for any syndicate in Seattle that wants them and is willing to pay.

A lot of this change of heart belongs to the gang’s new leader, a minotaur with (I shit you not) indigo dye-job fur who goes by “BTO.” Compared to Torgo’s psycho-rages, he’s the soul of calm and reason, and focused on making the gang some money, although he’s got no objection to busting skulls when the situation calls for it.
- Star Loner
Haha … I heard from somebody that “BTO” stands for “Babe the Ox.” Wizard, if it’s true.
- Glitch


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