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Picture from Shadowrun, 2nd Edition

Unicorns (Unicornis validus) resemble large white horses with a single spiralling horn in the center of their forehead. They are allergic to all pollutants, and have paranatural abilities to prevent being attacked off-guard. Due to their mythical status and their paranatural abilities, their horns are sought after by many throughout the world.

Related speciesEdit

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The Greater Unicorn (Unicornus magnus) is a large horse-like creature with a honey-brown coat and pink-tinged hooves. It has large eyes with a golden cast, and a single short horn in the middle of its forehead. Greater Unicorns generally look like tougher, larger versions of unicorns with shorter horns.

Red Deer Unicorn are a species of deer creatures with a single horn in the forehead found throughout Europe.

Africa and Asia Minor have produced Goat Unicorn. These goat-like creatures likewise have a single spiralling horn protruding from their forehead.

The Water Buffalo Unicorn of China and Southeast Asia also have a dermal armor and are believed to be the basis of the legendary chi'lin and kirin of myth.