Warsaw (Polish: Warszawa) is the capital of Poland.

It's part of the Warsaw-Lódź sprawl. The sprawl houses eight million people and covers most of Mazowsze (Masovia) region.

The sprawi beyond the gates is known as Dżungla (the Jungle), a huge area of industrial clusters surrounded by dormitory quarters, connected by a web of highways and subway lines. The Jungle's been boiling since the Uprising, and even with army patrols and helicopters flying overhead, riots are frequent.

The northern sprawi, called Pustynia (the Desert), was abandoned during the battle for Warsaw in 2031. Only a few squatters and the ghosts of the Russian Army's victims inhabit the remains of what was to be the pride of Poland: Europe's largest space launching facility. The Red Vory transformed many abandoned buildings and basements here into BTL factories and drug labs. Also, street battles have been raging for 9 months, ever since the Warsaw Syndykat moved in and started taking them over.

There is an Urban Brawl team that calls itself «Warszawa Warmachines».[1]


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