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Western Dragons are European (and North American) dragons.

Outlook and specialitiesEdit

Western Dragons resemble large serpentine lizards with two bat-like wings and two clawed arms with opposable thumbs and two clawed legs, giving them a total of six limbs. They grow up to 20 meters long with up to a 30 meter wingspan.

They are - as well as all dracoforms - no mere Critters but sentient creatures of great intellect and powerful magical beings.

Western Dragons are traditionally known to own a hoard of gold and other precious things as well as magical artifacts and to use it, to gain financial power which they use for investments in corporations and become even richer that way as well as for achieving influence in metahuman society of the Sixth World.

There are some individuals - the Great Western Dragons - that are slightly larger and more powerful than the other dracoforms of their species.

Renowned Western DragonsEdit

Greater Western Dragons Edit

Other known Western DragonsEdit


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