William Whiteclay ran the Lakota Mafia, a criminal syndicate in Sioux Nation. He is described as a well-built, large, and smart man with a professional education (law degree). It is rumored that he has ties with Sinopa and OMI, and that his representatives sometimes act as Johnsons for the OMI's deniable assets.

He has a strict code of conduct and refused to let the Lakota Mafia deal in BTLs.

He also attempted to have Henequen assassinated twice, but after finding out he was a dragon their relationship turned into a kind of friendly rivalry between the two to take over shadow operations in the Sioux Nation.[1]

He died during the Tempo-Drug War in 2072.[1][2][3] His son, Charlie Whiteclay took over the Lakota Mafia after his death.


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