The Worczeks is a Jewish Mafia family in San Francisco, California Free State. They are headquartered in Oakland on the other side of the Bay Area and their profits ever remained low during the strong Japanese presence.

They were nearly wiped out in Frisco by the Yakuza and General Saito's soldiers in the early 2060s.[1] Surviving members eventually allied with the anti-Japanese resistance like the Metahuman People's Army in the metahuman ghettos of Berkeley and Oakland (in the same way the Triads and the Seoulpa Rings did).

The Worczek mob currently has operations in northwestern California with a branch in Redding and a waterjacking operation out of the Dell River.[2] Due to the Japanese occupation, they have lost most of their power base in San Francisco but still have a presence in the East Bay. The Mafia has been recruiting among the Orks whom were displaced from Oakland.[3]


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