Capital Unknown
Government Corporate Court
Population Unknown
Land area has no land area
(space station)
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions
Currency Nuyen (¥)



Formerly the space station Freedom owned by Ares (purchased from NASA in 2016),[1] the space station was sold to the Corporate Court in 2023.[2] It was renamed to its current name, Zurich-Orbital, in the late 2020s.[3] The Corporate Court installed itself into the space station soon afterwards, and the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank established its primary offices in the station in 2033.


Ability to exchange corpscrip [4]

Corporate PresenceEdit

Current and Past ResidentsEdit

Primary Residents (permanent)

Secondary Residents (temporary)


Within a mana warp of level 8 or 9 [5]


Matrix Host [6]


This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun

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